She made French history come alive for me.  I will take any class she teaches any time!”

Margery Hunter C.T.A D.S Rudi Steele Travel Inc


"Celine Glon is the best! She ably guided our students through the streets of Paris and the hedgerows of Normandy.  Her intellect, energy, and enthusiasm kept the students (and adults!) mesmerized and made the trip the best on record.  I cannot recommend Celine more highly - she is simply extraordinary!"

Bill Arnold

James S. Garvey Chair in History

Fort Worth Country Day


“Céline Glon chaperoned a trip to France in 2008 that a colleague and I

have done twice before meeting her.  Without a doubt, her enthusiasm,

charm, expertise and suggestions have made the trip a much better one

for both our participants and us.  I consider her a great professional

as well as a great friend and recommend her very highly.”

Robert Booth


Dep. of Modern & Classical Foreign Languages


“Here in Dallas, we will definitely miss your lectures - Versailles, Chateau de Chambord, and many others-  that our community, French and American alike, considered an unquestionable part of Dallas cultural life for years.”

Armand sebban

Former President of Alliance Française de Dallas


“Celine’s great talent for making a subject matter alive and exciting is second to none. I have been to many lectures but Celine is the first person I’ve come across who can keep the entire audience fully engaged throughout! Celine’s animated personality, combined with true passion for her subject and vast knowledge makes her events unique.”

Nadia Loudon

VP Business Development

Invènu, LLC


“Veritable guide passionnee et erudit d'histoire, Celine nous a offert un programme culturel  extremement convivial et riche sur le theme de la découverte de la ville Chartres. En l'espace d'une heure, moi et mes enfants, ages de 10 et 13 ans avons passe une excellent moment et avons revecu avec grand bonheur une tranche de l'histoire de France a travers son patrimoine. Ainsi qu'elle l'esperait, Celine nous a donne l'envie plus que jamais de visiter la  Cathédrale de Chartres et ses environs avec le chateau de Maintenon grace aux connaissances historiques, architecturales et anecdotiques dont elle nous a impregnees. Pour des enfants, cette visite virtuelle des plus ludique présente également un grand intérêt éducatif. Un beau programme a ne pas manquer! “

Ingrid Pasco

Realtor, CDPE, SFR

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